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We get a lot of questions from new viewers about our family and have decided to set up a little wiki for you to get to know our family better! Click on any of the below links to jump to the biography of a different member of the family. Enjoy!

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Alena Maze Wikipedia
Alena Maze and Daughter
Alena Maze and Daughter Ajoui

Alena Maze aka "Ma" is the female leader of the MAZELEE clan. She and her family currently live in Maryland which she very much enjoys. Alena is the director of MAZELEE's videos. Alena grew up in a family with a lot of kids and having a family of 7 children is like a dream come true! Alena, following in the footstep of her parents, is a mathematician as well as an influencer. She has a Master's degree in Pure Mathematics from Georgetown Univeristy and is currently studying to get her phD from University of Maryland in Survey Methodology. Before the family launched into YouTube full time Alena worked at the CDC. If you're a math whiz, check out some of here award winning work here. If you find yourself craving a deeper biography about Alena Maze, head over to her personal instagram page where she shares reflections and thoughts on life, Christianity, and more!

Alena Maze with other winners at the National Conference on Health Statistics
Joseph Lee Wikipedia

Joseph Lee aka "Joe" is the male leader of the MAZELEE clan. Joe was born and raised in Maryland, but his parents and grandparents immigrated from Korea. That means that he enjoys both Crabcakes and Bibimpop! Joe is the artistic lead and filmographer behind the MAZELEE family productions. Joe has been a creative soul all of his life, and spent his early twenties refining his craft through photojournalism. With a focus on street photography, Joe developed a keen eye for what images would visual please the viewer. These days Joe juggles being a full time dad and Youtuber, and enjoys teaching Korean and Korean culture to his family. If you want to see more of Joe's work and learn more about his biography, check out his personal Instagram page -- it's full of family from a dad's perspective and great photos!

Joe captures the moment an MMA fighter is named winner. Before Youtube Joe was a skilled photojournalist.

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